Foxetroo kits are great for educational purposes and fun for children to work on while improving cognitive, motoric and spatial visualization skills, enhancing patience and precision, developing interest in architecture and history. They offer an engaging quality time activity for children and grown ups to do together, perfect for small school projects, classroom crafts, art workshops, kids parties and excellent to bring home as travel souvenirs.

Want to see your building converted into a Foxetroo paper model kit?

Here is our offer to you:

  • Our team can craft a custom product for you;
  • We will guide you from design through manufacturing;
  • You will get a kit for making a miniature paper model that catches the very essence of the building via a simplified shape, cartoon-like freehand graphics and a playful palette of colours;
  • All the parts needed to make the model will be duplex printed on small paper cards, housed inside a convenient pocket size package with assembling instructions and diagrams printed on the inside covers of the package.

Here is how our process works:

  • First, we would hear your wishes regarding the building style, order size as well as any special requests;
  • Second, we would explore your building – study plans and elevations and rationalise volumetric characteristics to start working on the model;
  • Third, we would make an initial design and submit for your approval, with necessary changes made along the process.
  • Fourth, after a final confirmation we would prepare digital files and tools for manufacturing;
  • Fifth, we would oversee manufacturing and quality control;
  • Sixth, we would pack the kits and deliver to your doorstep;
  • Seventh (optional), we would assemble display model(s) and send to you along with display case(s).

Approximate turnaround time – 8 to 12 weeks, excluding delivery.

Contents – depending on your wishes and the characteristics of your building, we will design a package with either two identical models, or one larger model; in either case the kit will contain 16 to 24 cards in total.

No fancy tools are needed to build the model – just scissors, a pen, a ruler and a quality glue stick, these are not included with the kit.

Colours – we have different colour palettes for front and back side of the cards:

  • Front side colours – yellow, orange, magenta, sky blue, light blue, grass green, purple, black, white, grey (for gluing areas);
  • Back side colours – red (cutting), green (scoring), black.

Material – paper and cardboard from sustainable and recyclable resources.

All the parts of the kit, including the package, are made from materials that are safe for children, non-toxic, environment friendly and conform to all industry standards, including EN71, ASTM F963 and CPSIA 2008 safety requirements.

Package size – 130 x 107 x 5 mm or 5.1 x 4.2 x 0.2 inches.

Recommended age – from 6 to 99.

Designed in the UK, manufactured in the UK and EU.

Minimum order quantity – from 500 kits.

Recommended retail price – from £4.99 / 6.50 € / $7.50.

Your price – from £2 per kit (excl. tax and shipping fee).

Sounds exactly what you are after?

So what are you waiting for?

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