Yes, we do custom projects


Want to see your building converted into a paper model and sell it as a Foxetroo kit?

If you are looking for a new bespoke product to sell in your gift shop, unique merchandise, creative souvenir, a fundraising or promotional item, we will be happy to produce a model for you in our bright-colored Foxetroo series of innovative architectural paper craft kits.

Every building has a potential to give an exciting experience of making a 3D paper miniature. Either castle, palace, tower, manor, mansion, church, museum, theatre or simply just a house is on your mind, we can squeeze it into a pocket size package which brings joy, excitement and quality family time.

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Foxetroo kits are great for educational purposes and fun for children to work on while improving cognitive, motoric and spatial visualization skills, enhancing patience and precision, developing interest in architecture …